Our program has been often explained as this;

Steps 1-3 = Trust HP

Steps 4-9 = Clean house

Steps 10-12= Tell others.

As a part of doing our 12th Step and doing service is sponsoring and speaking. Telling our story whether in sponsoring or speaking is a service in its own. Leading another fellow through the 12 Steps by sharing our own experience Strength and hope or sharing our Experience Strength and hope in a meeting we not only help others, we strengthen our own recovery tenfold.

Being available to speak or sponsor is a great way to do service.

At many meetings they share sponsor info. It is said if you see someone that has what you want, reach out and ask them to be your sponsor. That courage and action you take, although difficult and scary, is the beginning of the continued action we need to go to any lengths for our recovery.

If anyone is willing to put their name on an available speaker list, one is available through Region 6 which is found here; https://oaregion6.org/resources/speakers-list/