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Monday Yarmouth Miracles Meeting: 7pm
Meeting ID: 805 374 9582
Passcode: 721451
Contact Carmen: 902-740-1857

Monday Truro Meeting: 7:30pm
Douglas St Recreation Center
40 Douglas Street, Truro, NS Rm E
Contact Marie:902 843-5678

Tuesday Windsor Wellness Group: 7pm
Meeting ID: 805 374 9582
Passcode: Please email for passcode
Contact Claire: 902-790-6347

Wednesday Charlottetown Meeting: 12:05pm
Meeting is Hybrid
ID: 805 374 9582
Passcode: 008712
or F2F
Corner of Kent Street and Hillsboro Street
221 Kent St -Downstairs
Charlottetown, PEI C1A 1M6

Additional notes: The address is not on the door. It is the building right on the corner. The entrance is on Kent Street.
Contact: Morag 902-367-7084

Wednesday Atlantic Recovery Meeting: 7pm
Meeting ID: 622 506 1826
Passcode: Please for the.passcode
Contact Mel: 902-986-8636

Wolfville Friday Meeting: 10:30am
ID: 805 374 9582
Passcode: Please email for passcode
Contact Pete: 902-542-9710

Saturday Halifax 12 Step Meeting 1pm
ID: 805 374 9582
PW: Please email for passcode
Contact: Kathleen: 902-877-4498

Sunday Sackville Meeting: 1pm
Community Center
45 Connolly Rd. Sackville, NS
Contact Bonnie:-864-9646

“We are all together now, reaching out our
hands for power and strength greater than
ours, and as we join hands, we find love and
understanding beyond our wildest dreams.”
-OA Promise