Region 6 & World Service Office

When coming into OA, one might hear all these different terms; Intergroup (IG), Region 6 (R6), World Service Office (WSO), Board of Trustees (BT), it can be very confusing.

Overeaters Anonymous does have a structure. OA, as such, ought never be organized: but we may create service boards or committees directly responsible to those they serve. It is within the service boards there is structure so we can function.

You will see in the inverted triangle, where a member fits in. Members form groups, those groups form an Intergroup (or outside USA & Canada they are called NSBs(National Service Boards), which form 11 Regions all over the world. Then as members we have opportunity to go to WSBC (World Service Business Conference), and some members form the BT (Board of Trustees). WSO (World Service Office) is run by non-OA members.

structure of OA

OAIGNS’ Region

OAIGNS (Overeaters Anonymous Intergroup Nova Scotia) is a part of Region 6.

Regions are composed of groups. intergroups, and service boards within a specific geographical boundaries. OA is divided into ten regions.

World Service Office:

OA’s business office in Rio Rancho, New Mexico USA. This legal and official business of OA is conducted by paid professional staff, working together with the Board of Trustees.

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