We Thank You for your service by agreeing to be a speaker at our registered OA Atlantic Recovery Group Meeting #88979.

This Speaker Release Form (this “Release”) is provided by OA Atlantic Recovery Group in conjunction with OA Maritimes Intergroup’s website whereby the podcast (presentation) will be found.  In respect to the recorded podcast (the presentation) you are agreeing to:

1. My presentation may be recorded on tape, disk or other forms of audio media (“the recording”).

2. My name (last initial only) and voice may be used in connection with the recording. I may use an alias if I wish.

3. The recording may be broadcast, either live or on demand, or otherwise distributed in whole or in part in any manner or media, now or hereafter now, throughout the universe in perpetuity.

4. I assign these rights of use and publication to the Atlantic Recovery Group and OA Maritimes Intergroup on the understanding that there is no commercial purpose to anyone other than to the OA Maritimes Intergroup to help the OAMIG be self supporting in its purpose of carrying the message to the compulsive overeater who still suffers and on the understanding that this is a royalty-free agreement.

5. I understand and agree I will not receive any compensation or royalties, now or in the future, in connection with any exercise of the rights granted herein to OAMIG.

6. I hereby release and forever discharge OA Atlantic Recovery & OA Maritimes Intergroup from all claims, demands, rights and causes of action of whatever kind that I may have, and that are caused by or arising from OA Atlantic Recovery Group and OAMIG exercise of the rights granted by me herein, including any and all claims for libel or infringement of my privacy rights or of copyright and publicity.

7. To the best of my knowledge, the Presentation is my own original material or material for which I have full authority to grant rights set forth in this speaker release.

8. The rights set forth in this Speaker Release are granted on a royalty-free and irrevocable basis. I understand that I shall own the copyright to the presentation, subject to the license grants indicated above.